February 25, 2017

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Sign-up Parties

Package Name Date Time Cost Contact

Family Paddle Party (8th grade only)

3/10/2017 6-10pm $40 Jen Gervasio

Shred415 Party

3/10/2017 7pm $35 Colleen Simpson

Mens Club NCAA Basketball

3/17/2017 5-10pm $100 Jay Harron

Pre-K Growth Spurts Party

3/24/2017 4-6pm $30 Cece Gobdel

Orbit Skate Center Party (7th grade only)

3/24/2017 7-9pm $25 Sue Bradley

CycleBAR Evanston

3/25/2017 3pm $25 Samantha Hegvold
Movie, Pizza, and Snacks (3rd-6th grades) 4/7/2017 7pm $25 Erin Reshke & Monica Schultz

SoulCycle, Old Orchard

4/9/2017 2pm $35 Jen McGinn
MNO out at the 'Barre'! (Dailey Method) 5/2/2017 7:30pm $50 Debra Semple
Movie Party in Gym (K-4thG)  5/4/2017 3:15-6pm $25 Christine McVay & Jen Miller

Sunday Funday in the Barrel Bus

5/7/2017 11:30am $125 Dorothea Boyle
MyPlate Cooking Class for Preschoolers  5/16/2017 3:30-4:45pm $35 Mrs. Cavoto

Vino & Vinyasa on the Beach

5/31/2017 6:30pm $50 Sandy Pigott

Family Summer Beach Bash

7/15/2017 6-9pm $100 Annie Dolan